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General Questions

  • What is considered before rolling out a new sales and marketing campaign?

    Firstly, we learn your brand’s ethics and values. We will work as an extension of your current brand so it is of the upmost importance to us that we understand your business.

    Next, we will establish your unique selling point. By defining a sales feature that addresses your ideal customer’s needs we can then then build your sales and promotional efforts around that feature.

    Ventas Central have an outsourced sales force ready to deploy. Call us to arrange an appointment to discuss how to roll out a new sales, acquisition or marketing campaign with us today.

  • How do you control Quality?

    Ensuring high quality control means putting a constant focus on meeting expectations.  Ventas Central will implement a variety of quality control measures such as mystery shopping programs, corrective actions and re-training where indicated, or appropriate disciplinary action. When high standards are consistently performed, Ventas Central has special recognition programs to reward contractors and suppliers for high quality and integrity.

  • How is Ventas Central different from other marketing companies?

    Ventas Central provide a level of engagement that the average advertising campaign cannot compete with as well as an open forum for them to ask any questions specific to our clients services. For our clients we look to provide the highest compliance and cost effective acquisition of new business, at a quicker rate than any other form of advertising campaign.

    Ventas Central provides an extremely cost-effective service by only charging our clients upon delivery of new customers. This gives our clients security than we will deliver what we promise, and is only possible because our marketing strategies guarantee results even in times of economic downturn.

  • How do Ventas Central perform sales and marketing?

    Many businesses rely on digital marketing or traditional advertising. At Ventas Central our research suggests many customers been overwhelmed and confused by the hundreds of marketing communications they are bombarded with each day so we have developed a personal approach to sales and marketing which we believe resonate with everyday people.

    By delivering brand communications and product knowledge in person, we have found that the rate of consumption has been higher for targeted customer base.

  • What Does Ventas Central Do?

    Ventas Central is an expert agency in the field of sales and marketing. We explore and create new campaigns and growth strategies for our clients that we can put in place though our outsourced sales force almost immediately. As the leading provider of outsourced face-to-face sales in London we provide profitable and successful results to a diverse client base.

Industry Questions

  • Why do Ventas Central use ‘Direct’ sales and marketing methods?

    The main advantages for our clients are measured, guaranteed results which allow for a higher return on investment than indirect marketing strategies.

  • What is ‘direct marketing’ and how does it differ from other forms of marketing?

    When we hear the word ‘marketing’, most of us are thinking of traditional forms of marketing such as TV and radio advertisements, print media and billboards/posters. In an increasingly saturated market, indirect marketing has to compete for attention, whilst the advent of technology such as internet streaming and digital television recorders allows consumers to bypass TV advertisements.

    Direct marketing involves the person to person promotion and sale of a consumer product or service, away from a fixed retail location. Primarily this will take place at places of business, private residences and public locations.