Ventas Central reveals 5 easy steps to creating an entrepreneurial sales process

Managing Director of Ventas Central outlines 6 easy steps to use within the sales process.


When interacting with customers, if a sales representative has no control over the flow of the conversation, then they won’t make the sale; it’s like driving a car in the pitch dark without headlights, hoping to make it safely to the destination. For this reason, it is important to establish a workable entrepreneurial sales process. This sales process will ensure a smoother conversation with the prospective customer.


The term ‘entrepreneurial sales process’ can be defined as a series of stages or milestones that make up the progression a prospective customer and salesperson goes through when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Each phase of the process is designed to gradually turn a prospective customer into a paying customer. Every section has its own set of sales techniques that are used to move the prospect close to the sale. On occasion, a sales process may use a pitch, with the scripting for each section varying depending on what the ultimate objective is.


Entrepreneurial sales processes are important, because it allows for an easy-to-follow progression that will help a sales representative map out their interaction with the customer. When there is a set pattern to follow, a sales rep will be able to control the conversation much more effectively and will help to earn more clients and sell more products. Companies that have a sales process earn 18% more revenue than companies that don’t. Three key benefits of an entrepreneurial sales process include:

  • Helps to remember which sales technique to use
  • Helps to plan out sales flow with each prospective customer
  • Gives a blueprint of the sales process to use when there is a sales force


‘When creating a sales process, there is one important factor to keep in mind; the process needs to be adaptable. However, there are 5 easy steps that need to be followed.  These are:


Initial interaction

Tell them why you matter – prove it!

Discovering / Understanding needs (proposal)

The close

Create a ‘feel good factor’ – Remind the customer of the USP’s (Rehash)


Follow these steps to a conversation, and you will have no problem turning a prospective customer into a buyer’ States Josh Peace, Managing Director of Ventas Central.


Ventas Central is an outsourced direct marketing firm based in north London.  The firm delivers professionally executed promotions programs and tailor made sales and marketing campaigns throughout the UK.  Ventas Central use direct forms of marketing to increase customer acquisition and retention rates for their clients and use face to face interaction to deliver exceptional customer service and a unique buying experience for customers.